What Can Happen If You Don’t Repair Your Roof

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We are all guilty of putting off jobs that we do not want to do ourselves or sort out but when it comes to repairing your roof this can be a big mistake. Leaving a roof damaged for even a small period of time can cause huge problems in the long run and can end up costing far more than the initial problem would have to be fixed. Here at CJ Hughes Roofing we see a variety of problems that can occur from a damaged roof every day and due to the typical English weather these can become present very quickly.


Caused by fungi, this coating or discolouration can be lethal if left to fester for a long time. There are mould particles in our air which will not cause harm to us when we are exposed to it. However, excessive exposure to a high level of mould can cause serious health problems such as digestive tract infections and also lung and skin issues. Black mould can also occur which is associated with poor air quality within your home and can create problems with your respiratory system.

Rotting Wood

A common area for this problem to occur is in the loft, as it’s close to the roof damage it will be the first area exposed to any water. The problem will only spread if put off as once fungus spores start to feed from the water inside the beams they will continue to spread, causing a huge amount of damage to the beam. This could end in your home being structurally unsafe so roof damage should be repaired immediately.

Damaged Ceilings

First starting with a small discolouration, the damage to your ceilings could soon end up collapsing due to collecting so much water that they are no longer able to withstand the weight. This could cost a huge amount to repair and could also damage your possessions or even your family who are below the ceiling if it collapses.

If you need one of our roofers in Stock-on-Trent or the surrounding areas to carry out repair work please give us a call on 01782 712957 or visit our contact page before the problem worsens.

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