Top Tips To Help Your Spot If Your Roof Needs Repairing

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With the cold and wet winter weather now (hopefully!) well out of the way, now’s the ideal time to assess your home’s roof. With strong winds, snow and plenty of rain, your roof will have taken quite a battering and it’s important to try and identify any potential problems before they escalate, cause damage and cost you more money than necessary.

These handy hints will help you to spot common signs that your roof is in dire need of a survey, maintenance or repairs.

1. Missing Or Damaged Tiles
It seems like an obvious thing to point out (that missing or potentially damaged tiles need repairing or replacing) but the most important thing to remember is that these faults need to be spotted – while you may only look for these signs after, say, strong winds or bad weather they can occur at any time, particularly if your roof is old or has not been properly installed.

Many issues can be spotted from ground level, but getting up on a ladder to visually assess the current state of your roof is helpful too, and can help you spot any gaps or cracks that aren’t easily noticed.

2. Damp Spots On Your Ceilings
Again, another symptom that seems obvious but may require you to actively seek it out – damp spots are likely to initially start in your attic or higher levels of your home, so it’s worth getting up into your loft and checking for any leaks or damp areas. If you spot any, this could be the result of loose or missing tiles that are allowing water to get into your home.

The damp may be a sign that the problem has been on-going for some time, so it’s important to get your roof assessed and repaired as soon as possible.

3. Have A Roofer Conduct An Assessment
There’s only so much you’ll be able to spot yourself – both from a professional and a safety perspective. If you think there’s any causes for concern, you’ve noticed any problems yourself or if it’s been a long time since you last had any repair or maintenance work done then having a professional roofer conduct a survey on your home’s roof can help identify potential problems quickly and accurately.

If you’ve spotted any signs for concern on your roof, or are unsure are need a professional to conduct a survey, then we here at CJ Hughes Roofing can help. With almost 40 years’ experience of dealing with a variety of roofing maintenance and repair work in Stafford, Stoke-On-Trent and any surrounding areas, our roofing contractors can have your problem diagnosed and sorted in next to no time – just call us on 01782 712957 to discuss your needs.

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