Top 3 Common Roof Repairs

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We can’t avoid the weather or the damage it causes to our roofs, but understanding the common repairs requested by professional companies could help you to recognise potential issues with your own roof and save you money in the long run. There are some damages which are unpreventable, but we at CJ Hughes have listed the top 3 common roof repairs that people have experienced over the winter months.

1. Broken / Missing Tiles:

A common problem which leads to bigger, structural damage is missing or broken tiles. Due to the wind and snow we’ve experienced over the last few months it’s not surprising that there are a few tiles clinging on for dear life. It is important to get these seen to as the broken tiles you do see may be the tip of the iceberg and it can take a professional to get up on the roof to really assess the damage.

A sure fire sign that there is a problem with tiles or guttering is leaks and damp coming through the ceiling and as with any water damage it’s important to find the source so it can be fixed before further damage can be done.

2. Flat Roof Repairs

There are various reasons that flat roofs often need repairs, but the common issues are when water pools on the surface. If there are inappropriate gradients or covering material, then a flat roof will be prone to leaking caused by lack of drainage. This can happen over time but have big consequences if not caught early.

3. Fallen Guttering

Most people see their roofs as just tiles and chimneys, but included in the roof is guttering and fascia’s which, quite obviously, often need repairs and replacements. With the recent weather, the gutters take the brunt of the snow and frost which can weaken the structure as well as create a build-up of debris from leaves. Make sure that any signs of wobbly guttering are seen to, to prevent further problems.

So if you see signs that your roof needs a little TLC, then get in touch with us at CJ Hughes. We deal with a whole host of problems, not just those that are common, so don’t hesitate to contact us via one of the many methods on our website.

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