Roughed-up Roofs: What to do in the winter months?

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In recent years, Britain hasn’t been known for its unpredictable weather forecasts. Our Spring tends to be a mixture of daily 1 minute downpours followed by another minute of blossoming sunshine before the heavens open once again. Summer time is an unpredictable heat-fest seemingly over before it has begun. And Autumn is lost somewhere in between September and October. This allows winter to tiptoe upon us and before we know it, the sun has set, Jack Frost is creeping in and those Christmas jumpers begin to make their appearance.

Whilst you’re snuggled up in your blanket however, spare a thought for those above. Your roof takes these conditions square in the face, not once complaining as it takes punch after punch from the unforgiving winter winds. So, think to yourself, how can I help out my roof and repay it for the decades of service it has willingly obliged to.

CJ Hughes Roofing offers a range of roof repairs in Stoke-on-Trent, the Cheshire and Newcastle regions as well as roof refurbishment, tiling and repairs to guttering and water damage. Being Staffordshire and Cheshire’s premier roofing contractor, you can safe in the knowledge that your roof, no matter how damaged, is in the greatest of care.

Whilst repairing your roof yourself is not advisable or safe, there are signs you can look out for. Ice and Snow will melt and can leave pools in water systems that have a leak. Be sure to look out for damp, leaks or water marks on your ceiling. Another problem encountered by many at this time of the year is the blockage of gutters and drainage systems. CJ Hughes offer a 24 hour emergency call out service should you notice any leaks, blockages or water damage.

Roofs are designed to take a battering from the elements, to provide shelter in the gloomier months and nonchalantly ‘carry on’ come rain or shine. But, consider your roof this winter time, the sacrifices it has made, the shingles it has lost, and nurse it through long, cold months with the compassionate hands of CJ Hughes.


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